Webinar: Social Work's Essential Role in Complex Discharge Planning

(Originally recorded on 5/24/20)

Webinar Description:

Social Work is often underutilized in home health, and primarily looked to for crisis management or assistance with community resources. However, we often admit patients who have psychosocial risk factors, identifiable upon admission, which will likely create complex discharge planning later on. This session will discuss how to utilize social work to identify social determinants of health which place patients at risk for a complex discharge, and how to address these factors to improve care and manage costs.

This webinar counts toward Colorado's Home Care Licensure Administrator/Agency Manager required education:
Skills for working with consumers families and other professional service providers: 1 Credit Hour

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Mark De St Aubin

  Mark De St. Aubin, LCSW, FT, Director of Community Education, Serenity Funeral Homes



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